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Our 2014-15 target is £2,700,000 SO far, this year we have raised:


Our Mission

We are an animal charity with a single, passionate aim. We exist to help give abandoned and homeless pets a second change of happiness.

Every year, thousands of pets end up homeless through no fault of their own. Thanks to the tireless work of animal rescue and re-homing centres across the UK, many of these animals are given a new life in the loving home they deserve.

Most animal rescue charities are completely reliant on donations and public support to continue their vital work.It is our mission, with your generous help, to provide a financial lifeline and help secure the future of rehoming centres and vulnerable pets in need.

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So far, we have...

63,000 rescued pets have been rehomed

£1,650,000 raised last year

£1,903,745raised this year so far

Featured Pet of the Week

Featured Pet Of The Week, Basil


West Yorkshire Dog Rescue saved blind Basil's life when they got him from the stray dog pound. Now he lives a full and happy life, in a loving home, thanks to a new invention.

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West Yorkshire Dog Rescue

West Yorkshire Dog Rescue

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