Ashbourne Animal Welfare (The Ark)


A small  independent charity rescuing and rehoming unwanted and stray cats and dogs. Dogs are mainly unclaimed strays whilst cats and kittens are often rescued from appalling situations. The Ark can accommodate 50 cats and 40 dogs in comfortable pens.

The animal welfare charity began in 1988 and is dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of stray and unwanted cats and dogs. Since they were founded, the charity has helped 6100 animals and in 2001 were able to open ‘The Ark’; a purpose built rescue centre located very close to Ashbourne.

Unfortunately, many of the animals that visit this animal welfare charity arrive in a very poor state, often requiring veterinary attention. As a result, the costs of rescuing and keeping these animals is an ever increasing financial burden, the charity at the moment having to raise an average of £400 per day! As a totally independent charity, they are dependent on the generosity of the public making donations and volunteering to help.

If it wasn’t for Ashbourne many animals would have nowhere to go, which often means they would need to be put to sleep. As a result it is important that this animal welfare charity continues to run, keeping healthy animals and giving them a second chance at happiness!

If you want to find and support your local animal rescue centre, or even want to adopt a pet, then get in touch with us today!


The Ark,
Wyaston Road,

Registered Charity No: 1014249

T: 01335 300494


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