Allsorts Dog Rescue


Allsorts is a dog rescue charity primarily setup to find homes for unwanted, unloved and abandoned dogs in West Sussex.

Many dogs are strays that have been picked up by various local councils and passed onto us for re-homing in one of our many foster homes throughout our extensive network, or at a boarding kennels that takes our dogs at a greatly reduced fee. In some cases we take dogs that are 24 hours or less away from being destroyed.

Allsorts Dog Rescue ensures that dogs go to homes that are suitable, only allowing people to adopt an animal if they are fully aware of the commitment necessary. This is their way of making sure that the dogs in their care find a happy new home that meets their needs.

If you want to get in touch with Allsorts Dog Rescue, then have a look at the details above, giving you all the information you need to make a donation or find a dog to rehome. Or alternatively, you can look at the range of animal rescue centres in your area using our extensive directory.


West Sussex,

T: 07818898150



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