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It’s the little donations that count!

Whilst we, in the charity team, are always thrilled to make the phone call to rehoming centres to let them know that their grant application has been successful, it has come as a very pleasant surprise that even the small, little donations we make on an adhoc basis, still make a difference.

Support Adoption For Pets recently received a donation of over 5,000 collars and leads from Pets at Home and we were more than happy to offer these out to active dog rehoming centres who could use them for either the dogs currently in their care or to help with their own fundraising efforts.

Collars and Leads

The donation – A small mountain of collars and leads

When the seven pallets filled with collars and leads rolled in, it was easy to wonder what we had let ourselves in for, as each individual donation needed to be de-tagged and cleaned in order for them to be sent out to the 220 dog charities who applied. However we all adopted a “roll your sleeves up and get stuck in” attitude in order to get the donations out and with our minds set on the dogs that would benefit, we started to wade through the donations.

Some of the rehoming centres purely applied for collars for the dogs they were attempting to rehome as most of those dogs came to their shelter with nothing, others quite rightly saw it as a way to raise much needed funds to help them carry on the vital work they do in the local community and as always, Support Adoption For Pets was more than happy to help them.

Six weeks later we are coming to the end of the list of donations and we are amazed at the number of thank you cards and emails that we’re receiving already from the rehoming centres that asked for and received the collars.

One such personal email from Animal Connexions, a rehoming centre that we support regularly mentioned how “very smart” their “little unwanted ones” looked! A real tear-jerking moment!

It just shows that such a small token donation can be so greatly received and it has confirmed the saying that it truly is the small things in life that count!

Welcome to the Support Adoption For Pets Blog

Today marks our first ever Support Adoption For Pets blog… cue drum-roll!

Not knowing where to start and what to talk about for our inaugural steps into the blogging stratosphere has been running through my mind over the past couple of weeks so when arriving at my desk this Monday morning, I thought I would just “wing it”! Then up pops an email which encompasses perfectly why Support Adoption For Pets does what it does, why it’s so important and why my role here as the Fundraising and Communication Coordinator is harrowing but at the same time can bring immense amounts of joy!

Let me take you back a few months to a routine grant application form received from a dog rehoming centre called Pro Dogs Direct, based in London, applying to the charity for support with their vet bills. Requests for help with vet bills and boarding kennel costs is something that we are seeing on a more and more frequent basis especially as rescues struggle to keep up with demand from pets that are abandoned or given up for adoption.

So criteria was checked and the visits were made and we took the request for £10k to our trustees like any other. Given the work that Pro Dogs Direct do and the tireless giving of time, love and energy ploughed into the charity and the dogs in their care; our trustees, thankfully, were more than happy to support their application and it was with huge pleasure that we were able to send the charity a cheque for the £10k applied for

Now part of our process is to keep in touch with the rehoming centres that we support on a semi-regular basis so that we can try to proactively help them in the future. So we see (or hear) the good and the bad stories; some that could break the coldest of hearts but others that can lighten a miserable day!

HeidiCue Heidi! Pro Dogs Direct emailed us to let us know about a lovely 10-week-old Labradoodle pup that was born with a heart defect and was in urgent need of an operation. The charity was looking after her as the people that originally had her no longer wanted her. The operation would run into thousands but should the money be found to allow them to give her that chance, the vet was cautiously optimistic that Heidi would go on to live a normal life.

Thanks to the generous donations received from the public and the help of another local charity they were in a position to pay for the first stage of Heidi’s fight for survival. Pro Dogs Direct were keen to show us that this was a routine day for them and that thanks to their Support Adoption For Pets donation, dogs like Heidi were getting the vet care that they need and deserve.

Heidi’s operation was a success although she’s not quite out of the woods yet! She may still need to go through another operation in the future but to see her safe and at least trying to play with her other doggy friends is heart-warming to see! She just has no comprehension of “taking it easy” apparently. We all sit with paws firmly crossed whilst willing this little trooper to fight on.

Without a doubt Heidi is alive thanks to the dedication of an animal rehoming centre, who strives for the very best for the dogs in their care and whilst this is a very specialist case, we are thrilled to be supporting Pro Dogs Direct with their general vet fees allowing them to concentrate other funds on cases such as this.

For more information on ways that we support rehoming centres or to make a donation to Support Adoption For Pets to allow us to continue helping charities such as Pro Dogs Direct, please see our website