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Rabbiting on about …… rabbits! Rabbit rehoming guide

Learn about adopting rabbits

Whilst you may know that Support Adoption For Pets are the largest UK animal grant awarding charity you may not know that we also have over 350 small animal adoption centres, nationwide for pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas and sometimes even fish.

Our adoption centres can be found in most Seve Was An Adopted Rescue Rabbit Pets at Home stores across the UK and are home to pets that are hoping for a second chance of happiness. Whilst they are with us we feed them, keep them warm with fresh bedding, safe and provide whatever veterinary treatment they may need. We never put a healthy pet to sleep and always strive to find the best home we can for each of our furry residents.

Advice for rehmoning or adopting a rabbit

With rabbits becoming a firm favourite for families, it is important to understand that rabbits aren’t a cheap, child friendly, time saving pet alternative. Actually rabbits do have very complex needs and because these needs aren’t generally known they are quickly being considered the UK’s most neglected pet.

Rehoming bunnies or rabbit adoption should be carefully considered so that you can provide a wonderful forever home for your bunny.

Generally rabbits need to receive daily attention so that they can get use to human contact, which will help with health checks. Most rabbits do not enjoy being carried so it is important that regular interaction with a pet rabbit is done at their level. Hutches should be cleaned out every other day and they must have fresh hay/grass (this should equate to about 80% of their diets) supplemented with rabbit pellets and fresh rabbit-friendly veg and daily clean water. They are social pets so most rescues would request that when adopting a rabbit, you are planning on bonding the new addition to an existing rabbit or taking a pair; which means double the work.

In addition to this they need daily exercise in a large run which ideally should be permanently attached to a large weather/rain-proof hutch! The great, Great British weather is so mixed and varied so you must ensure that your rabbit(s) accommodation is safe and protected! My six adopted bunnies actually have an entire shed to themselves and they love it!

Rabbits need to be vaccinated annually and should always be neutered or spay, regardless of whether they are a same sex pairing. This could help prevent life-threatening illnesses such as cancer in the future and in the case of males, could limit/prevent spraying. Like most rescues, Support Adoption For Pets will neuter, for free, any rabbit that comes from our adoption centres. In fact, in the last 12 months we have neutered over 4166 rabbits.

These are just the basics too! A recent article by Bristol Dogs and Cats Home suggests that the estimated costs involved in caring for healthy rabbits, including set up costs and annual “maintenance” costs, taking into consideration that your bunny could live for 8-10 years, could be over £8,000 which is obviously doubled when you bond a pair together.

This could obviously increase drastically should your bunny get sick and need other treatment. Rabbits can be susceptible to dental issues and they’ve very sensitive tummies.

This is in no way meant to scare off potential new adopters; rabbits are wonderful pets and each will have their own personalities. There are hundreds of bunnies out there that are looking for their forever homes but it is worth understanding their needs Adopted Rabbit Bubba Who Was Helped By Support Adoption For Petsand the long term commitment required. Adopting a bunny can be extremely rewarding and it’s nice to feel that you have given an abandoned rabbit a second chance at happiness.

Speaking as a rabbit owner of six rescue buns, it is so rewarding to give them a safe and caring home and they really are great fun to have around

If you feel that you have a stable home and the time to look after a rabbit and you are keen to give a forever home to one, please visit one of our adoption centres or have a look at our Rehome a Pet directory.

Meet the Team – Emily

EmilyHello, I’m Emily and I am the Rehoming Centre & VIP Coordinator for both Support Adoption For Pets and Pets at Home. Being 23 I’m the baby of the team and do like to remind the team of this every once in a while. I moved over to Manchester in the summer of 2013 after spending 4 years in Huddersfield for university but I’m originally from Llandudno, North Wales which I’m very proud to say – my desk is decorated in an array of Welsh memorabilia! Being Welsh, naturally I’m an avid rugby fan but I also have a passion for athletics and skiing – the team will tell you I’m a little competitive.

Before moving to work in the Support Office I used to work for Pets at Home as a store colleague for just over 5 years and have been working within the Charity Team for nearly 12 months and I love it!

My job has two sides to it, a green and a pink one! The green side of me (the Pets at Home side) looks after the charities that are on the Pets at Home VIP club and make sure that all the charities get their Lifelines to spend in store each quarter. The pink side of me (the Support Adoption For Pets side) manages the grant applications that rescues submit for funding from the charity. Rescues can apply for grants for various purposes including help towards vet bills, kennel fees, towards the purchase of a vehicle and capital projects – we’ve recently given away our largest grant ever!

We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of grant applications that we are receiving every week, especially since rescues can now easily apply on our website – whilst this keeps me very busy it just shows much help all the rescue and rehoming centres out there still need!

I love going out to visit all the different rescues that apply for funding, I think it really helps me develop my role and have a better understand of the rescues and what their needs are. Without a doubt, the best bit has got to be calling the rescues that have been granted funding by the Trustees and telling them the good news!

As well as this I love our team and how we’ll give pretty much give anything a go to and we are not afraid to get our hands dirty! This includes me organising a team of 100+ colleagues to run in the BUPA Manchester 10k in aid of Support Adoption For Pets in May – I’ll keep you posted with how the training is going!

I’m the odd one out in this team as I actually don’t have any pets! This isn’t because I don’t want one, I’ve always wanted a dog but I live in a rented flat and it just wouldn’t be fair – this is a huge part of why I enjoy visiting rescue centres so much. Whilst I don’t have a pet I do have a boyfriend who goes out running with me as part of our training for the 10k so I’d say that’s pretty close! He’ll kill me for saying that…

For anyone who is looking to get a pet I would definitely recommend adopting from a rescue as there are so many fantastic pets that are looking for their forever home and just need to be given the chance. Having been to a small number of rescue centres I was amazed by the number of such beautiful and varied pets and breeds that just want someone to take them home and show them a little bit of love and attention. Taking on a new pet is a massive responsibility and every aspect of it should be thought through before bringing home your new family member but I would always pay a visit to your local rescue and rehoming centre as you never know who you’ll meet and fall in love with!