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Meet the Team – Laura Messenger

Laura MessengerHi, my name is Laura and I’m the fundraiser for Support Adoption For Pets. I joined the team in January 2015; before that I spent a year working as a community fundraiser for a small animal rescue in Manchester.

At the moment I don’t have any pets; my partner and I would like to get a dog, but at the moment we’re just too busy! My family have always been cat owners and they’ve all been rescue pets. My sister was even a ‘failed fosterer’ – she cared for a mum cat and a litter of five kittens, and three ended up as permanent additions to the family!

My job is to organise all the different fundraising activities that Support Adoption For Pets does to bring in the money which we then give out to rescue centres. The first big activity of the year was our #MakesMeSmile fundraising drive and raffle. This year we sold over 400,000 raffle tickets which is an incredible amount! There aren’t many jobs which involve phoning a complete stranger to tell them they’ve won a brand new car – but mine does, and it’s brilliant!

For me the most important part of my job is seeing the effect that the donations have on local rescues. I know first-hand how hard rescues work for the animals in their care. The sad fact is that there are far too many homeless and abandoned animals out there, and not enough spaces in rescues. There are very few organisations that they can turn to for financial aid, so I’m thrilled to be working for the biggest grant giving organisation for animal rescues in the UK.

After our #MakesMeSmile campaign I sent out over 430 cheques to all sorts and sizes of rescues (writing out that many cheques is hard work!), and many responded to tell me how they would be spending the money. A lot of the donations went towards paying vet bills. Some rescues used the money to pay for repairs, or to buy equipment. One rescue used their donation to pay for a fire alarm system – it’s not something that first comes to mind when you think about rescues, but it’s essential for protecting the animals!

The job is very busy, very varied – and it wouldn’t be possible without our supporters. Every raffle ticket, lottery entry, sponsored event– or a good old-fashioned cash donation! – it all goes to such fantastic causes. It’s great to know that when I do finally adopt a dog, I’ll also be working ‘behind the scenes’ to help so many other animals find their forever home.

Meet the Team – Lynn

Lynn StoddardHello, my name is Lynn, I am the Charity Administrator at Support Adoption For Pets and this is my first ever ‘blog’ entry! So let me introduce myself, I am married and live with my hubby, teenage daughter, Rosie our dog and numerous fish close to the Support office in Cheshire.

Outside of work I enjoy long walks with Rosie and have recently enrolled at the local gym, which for anyone that knows me would find this suprising!! To relax I enjoy reading or watching a movie (with popcorn and wine of course).

As much as working within the Charity team has its serious and sometimes distressing side it is also fun and fulfilling. To be able to support the 100’s of rescue and rehoming centres to continue with their great work is very rewarding – amazingly, in the charity’s history it has supported nearly 1,000 rehoming centre, now that is something to be very proud of and I am very lucky to be able to say I enjoy the job I do.

My love for giving pets a second chance at happiness also translates at home. Rosie is our rehomed working cocker spaniel who came to us to enjoy her retirement and she certainly is doing just that! She’s definitely landed on her paws coming to us!

We also have an outside pond with 6 Kio fish, the hubby’s hobby, I simply admire them in the summer months from the comfort of my sun lounger (when it’s not raining in Manchester) whilst sipping a chilled wine! He also has a marine salt water tank which contain a variety of fish, corals, shrimps and snails !!! These I sit and admire from the comfort of my sofa!

In my role I frequently get asked what advice would I give to someone who is looking to adopt a pet? My advice is always, after thinking very carefully about the commitment needed to rehome an animal, I would absolutely say ‘go for it’, its such a great feeling to know that you have given your pet a forever home and they will love you unconditionally, there is no doubt that a new pet will bring lots of love into a family but along with this is also a lot of work.