Forever Homes

Marcus - rehomed by Paula Leach

I adopted Marcus because I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him. A lovely little guinea pig; he has found a very loving home with 2 other guinea pigs that I already own he will be very well looked after and cared for .

Albi - rehomed by Jade Pickup

This is Albi. I adopted him from Pets at Home in Rawtenstall about three weeks ago he is doing very well. I am very glad that I got him he is so cute and cheeky he has just started taking a carrot out of my hand which is very good as he still only about seven months old.

Walter - rehomed by Ashley Kennedy

I adopted Walter from the adoption centre inside Pets at Home and he's such a lovey friendly boy. He was very active and very friendly - he let me smooth him the first time I seen him and hold him too. He seemed to take a liking to me as well.

Daisy - rehomed by Fiona Howat

Wee Daisy has made herself completely at home here. She has met her two sisters who live outside but come in and see her every day and they are all friends. She has taken to lying with me on the couch at night to watch the TV and she even loves to play fetch with all her new toys. I hope this makes you feel that you guys are helping both your animals and their new mummies as she has brought so much joy to me already. I have her fully insured so all her ongoing medical needs will be covered with her wee problems. Thanks for bringing Daisy to my attention!

Daisy - rehomed by Rosie Wolstenholme

My daughter has a heart problem and wants to be a vet and her pets keep her smiling through everything and are her best friends. When her gerbils sadly passed and we moved back to uk we felt she needed some new friends. As you can see she and Daisy love each other and I frequently find the hamster helping with homework. She is so friendly and makes us giggle!

Bart - rehomed by Carol McAteer

I adopted Bart because he chose us! His look said for us to take him home and he has helped us through the loss of an earlier adopted pet. He settled in and is much loved and it was so sad to think if him being unwanted. His long fur is growing in nicely and he enjoys playing with all the toys we have bought from Pets at Home!

Peanut and Pumpkin - rehomed by Jasmine Groves

I adopted these two beauties over the summer after I found them in an adoption centre inside Pets at Home. They are so lovely!

Ruby - rehomed by Wanda Hart

I adopted Ruby because I went into the shop and had a cuddle and couldn't leave her there she is such a lovely rabbit she has a big attitude but she's lovely!

Willow - rehomed by Ashley Boyce

Willow has brought so much happiness to me and my two daughters especially my 3 year old who is currently trying to train her!

Paddington - rehomed by Lesley

I adopted because I have two guinea pigs already and had been debating on getting another guinea pig. I saw Paddington's little face in the adoption centre and fell in love with him straight away. Every animal deserves to have a forever home, Paddington looked sad in the adoption centre as he was on his own because his friend got killed by a fox. I loved the idea of giving an older piggie a forever home, he is now the loudest piggie out of our three and has certainly found his voice!

Polly - rehomed by Jennie Woolley

I adopted because she looked exactly like our male rabbit we have and had been looking for a companion for him for a while....and fell in love with Polly from the day we met her and just had to take her home. Polly is now getting to know her new friend Borris and they get on so well. We are extremely happy we found Polly and adopted her and brought her to a loving home.

Red - rehomed by Hannah Clarke

My boyfriend and I adopted little Red here was because his last owner didn't want him anymore and we wanted to give him a second chance at a new life at a loving home with me and Jack. Also them big cute eyes who could get rid of him! His settled in lovely his a big fan of jack loves curling up on his shoulder.

Bramble - rehomed by Rebekah Cooney

My daughter and I fell in love with Bramble the moment we saw him at our local Support Adoption For Pets adoption centre. He's a cheeky chap and fits in perfectly in our family! Thank you for giving us the chance to give him his forever home

Digger - rehomed by Rebecca Soper

I adopted Clive now called Digger from your adoption centre at the Grimsby Pets At Home because I'd seen his profile on the "Find a Pet" page on your website & felt that I could offer him a second chance; he's now a reformed 'nibbler'. He has a very happy life in Skegness & enjoys all the attention from family members including my 5yr old nephew Nico

Cody - rehomed by Samantha Samson

I adopted Cody because we were looking for a family pet, to give a new home to and my daughter and he had such a beautiful connection through the glass at your adoption centre in Ruislip. Then when she held him for the first time she said she could cry she loved him so much already. A perfect match.

Snowdrop and Violet - rehomed by Amanda Butler

This is a picture of Snowdrop and Violet who we adopted from your adoption centre. We already had a little family of rescue piggies and knew these girls would fit in perfectly. They run around a 7x6 shed on 2 levels with their new family. Giving rescue animals a new home is so important to us. Adoptive pets are the best.

Cookie - rehomed by Natalia K?osi?ska

I adopted Cookie because me and my husband just got married and we wanted a small animal to love and make our family complete. Cookie is the perfect addition to our family.

Badger - rehomed by Wendy Reeve

I adopted because I believe it is better to give an animal a good home which nobody else wanted to buy or keep, all animals deserve a loving home and I would rather the money went to a charity to go towards helping other animals in need, it is so rewarding adopting a pet and I would never do anything other than adopt.

Easter & Charlie - rehomed by Sarah Fitzpatrick

I adopted Easter because our other rabbit Charlie lost his partner and was very lonely. When we introduced 'Easter' they got on immediately and they have been inseparable since as you can see from the photo! He is very protective of his new mate and is so much happier since she arrived

Violet - rehomed by Sarah

I adopted Violet because I have always had a hamster so when I was looking for a new hamster, I wanted to adopt. They are so cute and funny. I am so pleased she now lives with me and I have given her a forever home

Thomas - rehomed by Lucie Hawkins

This is Thomas, we instantly fell in love with the cutie, when we inquired about adoption it turned out it was a girl! We had a hold of her and she was so well behaved we couldn't resist. She's now living happily in a two storey gerbilairium!

Harley - rehomed by Carol & Megan Mackie

This is our beautiful bunny Harley who we adopted 2 months ago, We would recommend adoption because Harley is a cheeky, inquisitive, lovely & beautiful little bunny. He had a little problem when he was younger but he is no problem now, still a loving cute bundle of speedy fastness. Harley is the best pet ever; thanks Support Adoption For Pets for our bunny we love him in out little family

Primrose - rehomed by Victoria Stratford

This cutie is Primrose. We have a bunny already who had lost his friend a few months ago & knew we needed to get him another friend & that we would rather rescue than shop. When we saw Prim's beautiful shy little face in your adoption centre we just could not let her stay there. She has come out of her shell & is the most adventurous & funny little girl, we can not imagine what we did without her

Alpha & Omega - rehomed by Karen Whiteside

I have fallen in love with degus. Not only are they strikingly beautiful but very interactive, intelligent and fun pets to have plus it was great to adopt these two and give them the forever home that they deserve

Aston & Martin - rehomed by Linsay Seaton

I adopted them because I can offer a safe, happy home, full of enrichment and stimulation. I work as a Veterinary Nurse and unfortunately see many animals in need of new homes for many reasons. I wanted to give a home to these guys when they needed it. They are pictured enjoying knawing a stick from my pear tree - natural enrichment for them!

Thor and Loki - rehomed by Ryan Day

I adopted Thor & Loki because I was looking for a pair of Guinea Pigs and when I saw these two I wanted to give them a forever home and they were really friendly too.

Marvin - rehomed by Maisie Adams

We really really wanted a Guinea Pig & decided that we would love to give a good home to one who needed adopting! As soon as we got him home we saw his personality shine through & he is such a lovely and happy boy he has even gone a little bit viral with 300 likes on a Facebook site of him sending himself to bed! I wouldn't be without him now he's my whole world. Thank you

Whiskers - rehomed by Barbara Pearce

This is my pet hamster called Whiskers, formerly known as Neville: I adopted him because I have an elderly Chinese Dwarf hamster called Jeremiah, who was our first adopted hamster from Support Adoption For Pets.|I was hoping Whiskers would provide Jeremiah with some different company at playtime, Needless to say Whiskers and Jeremiah are now the very best of friends and will always ask for the other one to come out in the ball if they are out.

Tiny - rehomed by Dawn Crofts

I adopted Tiny because he was in his cage, all by himself. He came up to the glass to see us, I'm sure he put an extra effort in to looking super cute. My children and I persuaded my husband that we couldn't leave him and so we came home with Tiny. He has now found his forever home with us.

Milky Way - rehomed by Amanda Wares

i adopted Milky Way formally named Laura because I was looking to give a home to a hamster and she seemed so sad, waiting for a loving family and she needed a forever home.

Deniro - rehomed by Una Fitzpatrick

Deniro caught my heart the moment I saw her and I was looking to offer a loving home to a rabbit that was still without a home to call her own. I love her very, very much

Jess - rehomed by Christine Hancock

I am adopted from your adoption centre inside the Pets at Home store in Swansea. She is a dear little girl, who has settled in well with my two neutered buck rabbits Seren and Peter, She has just been neutered, having taken advantage of your free neutering program.

Snow White - rehomed by Shaznay Messenger

I adopted Snow White to be a girlfriend for my male rabbit who lost his brother and stopped eating due to being lonely. Snow White has settled in perfect and made Ben a very happy bunny. When I got Snow White she was scared and wouldn't come to anyone. She now loves having a cuddle and a brush!! She is perfect

Patch - rehomed by Andrea Louise

As a family we wanted to show and encourage our children to be responsible for a pet. Adoption meant that the children learn that animals are hard work and are for life! Patch was such a little curious little rabbit that I think he actually chose us!!

Snow White - rehomed by Leigh Brown

I adopted Snow White as we were looking to bond our existing Lionhead Galaxy, with a friend. He's loves her and she has become his best friend!

Hugo - rehomed by Melissa McCabe

I adopted Hugo as I was looking to give a rabbit a loving forever home; he was so shy, ran away from being touched or held and had a tiny sad little face initially but he's settled in so well now

Billy - rehomed by Michelle Gill

I adopted Billy from your adoption centre and it really was love at first sight. I actually prefer to adopt so that I can give a pet in need a forever home

Eric - rehomed by Mrs Gatford

I adopted because after losing our beloved hamster Conchita we never thought we would be able to have another hamster but when we saw Eric (previously called Richard) we fell in love with him and wanted to give him a loving home. After several visits we knew he had to come home with us and now he is a big character in our family.

Doodles - rehomed by Jodie Stevens

I adopted Doodles because I wanted a friend for when my fiancé works nights and also to give her a happy home where she would be loved unconditionally. I also adopted her because she was the best looking rabbit I have ever seen! She's absolutely gorgeous!

Tink - rehomed by Vicki Handley

I adopted Tink because she is blind and requires specialist care. I have experience looking after Guinea pigs but she's my first special needs pet. I wouldn't change her for the world and she's never happier than when she's on my knee eating her veggies!

Jet - rehomed by Kyle Riordan

I adopted Jet because when I saw him in your adoption centre he just had something about him . He was lively and inquisitive, burrowing around in his cage. He is just as lively in his new home and loves his ball that he explores every room with.

Dash - rehomed by Nikita McDonald

Dash is a Russian Dwarf Hamster. He's settled in lovely and has really bonded to me - I think the reason no one else wanted him is because he doesn't have the best coordination with his back legs (which makes for a funny run!) he's such a friendly and loving little guy that his silly 'dashing' makes him all the better and why I chose to adopt him. He definitely has a forever home with me - he even does tricks such as begging for treats, spinning, playing dead and coming when called.

Marley - rehomed by Lauren Rumney

I adopted Marley because he was adorable, big and cuddly. I saw him in your adoption centre inside Pets at Home Scunthorpe very time I went in to the shop, so I couldn't resist any longer. He was the perfect rabbit and I couldn't wait to give him the forever home he deserved

Effy & Panda - rehomed by Hayley George

I recently lost two Guinea pigs and wanted another two to spoil rotten. When I saw them I thought there was only one Guinea pig in the cage until I saw a little pink nose peeping out of a massive pile of hay!

Amber and Maisey

"I'd seen Amber & Maisey, previously named Rhubarb & Fudge a couple of days before I went in to adopt them and couldn't get them out of my mind. I love guinea pigs & have had them for 40 years. We always like to adopt as we feel that it's giving them a second chance, so many people give up after their children lose interest. Three weeks on it seems like they've always been with us, they come to the front of the cage for a fuss and cuddle, they love to eat everything in sight. We are so proud to be their adoptive owners, we have helped them and the money we gave will help others"


Adopted from our adoption centre in late 2015 and is now enjoying bunny binkies in a big garden with a new forever family.