Every year thousands of pets in the UK end up in a rescue centre.

We support organisations whose main charitable activity is the rescue and rehoming of UK pets. We want to work together with these organisations to reduce the number of homeless pets in the UK and to improve the lives of UK pets in rescue.

Tell us how you help improve pet welfare

We know that rescues don’t receive government funding, we know you rely on donations to pay your bills. We know that many rescues are entirely volunteer-run, that many don’t have their own centres but instead operate from homes, foster homes and boarding facilities.

Tell us something we don’t know.

We want to know how the work you are doing makes a difference to the lives of UK pets. Explain:

  • the challenges you are facing
  • what you will use the funding for
  • some of the pets you have helped, or hope to help
  • what impact the funding will have on the welfare of UK pets

Basic criteria

  • You must share our goal of rehoming UK domestic pets; this should be the main activity of your organisation
  • You don’t need to be a registered charity unless you meet certain conditions
  • You have to have been operating for at least 24 months, and be able to provide financial information and rehoming figures for at least 12 months

We prioritise funding where the work which will have a real, direct impact on the welfare of domestic pets.

Some of our achievements in the last year:

  • 14 rescues received a brand new animal ambulance
  • 74 rescues received help with their vet bills
  • 8 new field shelters were built
  • 4 dog exercise areas were created and 3 kennel blocks completed
  • 5 cat isolation and accommodation areas were built or refurbished
  • 6 rescues can refurbish or replace their rabbit accommodation
  • … and much more!

Check out our Who we've helped page for more examples of rescues and projects we have helped.

Note: even if you’ve been eligible for a grant from us in the past, you need to check our current criteria to make sure you still qualify for funding.

Any questions?

Contact Laura, our Grant Funding Coordinator on laura@supportadoptionforpets.co.uk or 0161 486 7538.