How to apply

How do I know if my application is eligible?

What supporting information do I need to include?

The type of information we ask for depends on what you propose using the grant funding for. Broadly speaking, we ask for:

  • 12 months of financial information
  • some evidence which demonstrates the total cost of what you’re applying for
  • two people we can contact as a reference, one of whom must be your main vet

Stronger applications also might also include:

  • photos and case studies showing examples of pets who would be helped by the grant
  • ideas on how you will work with Support Adoption For Pets to promote a grant to your supporters and ours
  • for building projects, photos and even videos showing the current state of your facilities

To check exactly what sort of evidence you need to provide, please read our current Grant Funding Criteria

What happens next?

When we’ve received your completed application form, we’ll check it and make sure that:

  • It fits our eligible criteria
  • It includes all the required information and evidence

If it doesn’t, or if we have any additional questions, we’ll be in touch.

We might ask if a Support Adoption For Pets representative can visit the rescue, especially if you’re new to us, it’s been a while since we supported you, or you’re asking for substantial funding.

We’ll then let you know whether your application is ready to go to our Trustees for consideration. Our Trustees meet every 3-4 months to consider applications; we’ll let you know when your application will be reviewed, and when you can expect to receive a decision.

If it’s a substantial amount of money, or you’ve got some fundraising to do before you can raise the full amount needed, we might pledge the funds to you. This means we’ll hold onto the grant, and make a donation when you’ve raised all the money you need and you’re ready to start the project.

I’m ready to apply – what do I do now?

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to create an account on the Support Adoption For Pets website. There are additional benefits to creating an account:

  • your rescue will appear on search results if someone is searching for a rescue in their area
  • you can promote the pets in your care

Once you’ve created an account, you will need to log-in. Click on ‘Your Centre’ and then ‘Apply For A Grant’.

You’ll be able to upload supporting evidence, save partial applications and return to them later if you need to.

Common reasons why grant applications are declined

  • The application is for an organisation or a purpose that we don’t fund (don’t forget to read the Grant Funding Criteria
  • The application is incomplete
  • The supporting documents are incomplete, inaccurate, out-of-date, contradict the application form or simply aren’t included
  • The application fails to demonstrate how the grant will have an impact on pet welfare. Tell us what you are trying to achieve, even if it’s just how a small grant for vet bills means you can afford to repair a kennel roof!
  • Your organisation has received funds from us before, but failed to provide any follow up information or engage with us following the donation (see What We Expect)
  • For larger donations, there isn’t enough information in the application to demonstrate that the project is well-costed or well-planned
  • We have concerns about the organisation’s financial management. This could be because financial records are insufficient or incomplete; because the rescue is regularly spending more than it brings in; or because the rescue has access to large cash reserves.

Don’t forget:

  • The more information, the stronger the application!
  • Be honest; if the rescue is currently facing challenging times, tell us
  • If in doubt, speak to us!

Any questions?

Contact Laura, our Grant Funding Coordinator on or 0161 486 7538.