Useful information

Before making a grant application, the first step is to read through these web pages and the Grant Funding Criteria. Below we’ve included some additional information to help you with your application.

Who to contact

If you’ve got any questions, get in touch! You can speak to our Grant Funding Coordinator, Laura, via or 0161 486 7538.

Keeping financial records

Most high street banks offer free accounts for small non-profit organisations (they often call these ‘Community’ or ‘Clubs and Charities’ accounts). The Charities Aid Foundation Bank makes a charge for its services, but it specialises in banking for charities and non-profits.

Receipts and payments accounts are a basic form of financial record keeping which involve keeping a summary of all money received and spent in a financial year, broken down by category (e.g. vet bills, food, equipment costs, adoption fees, donations, fundraising events). You can see an example spreadsheet here.

It’s best practice that all non-profit organisations, regardless of size or whether or not they are also a registered charity, should keep adequate and accurate records of their finances. This includes having a bank account set up in the organisation’s name. This is why we ask for both from any organisation who applies to Support Adoption For Pets for help.


Most questions will be answered by reading the Grant Funding Criteria. Some common questions are listed below.

Is my organisation eligible?

We support organisations whose main charitable activity is the rescue and rehoming of UK pets. If you’re not sure if this applies to you, then check the Grant Funding Criteria or get in touch.

My organisation cares for animals that aren’t domestic pets; can I apply?

In the past Support Adoption For Pets has been able to support organisations that help wildlife, farm animals and other types of animals. Unfortunately more and more organisations were coming to us for support, far more than we can help, so in 2017 our Trustees haven chosen to focus the charity’s efforts on the rescue and rehoming of UK domestic pets.

My organisation rescues pets from outside the UK; can I apply?

At present Support Adoption For Pets only supports organisations that care for the thousands of homeless dogs, cats and other pets already in the UK. In the future we’d love to extend our support to overseas pets, but at the moment we just don’t have the funds to do this.

My rescue is not a registered charity; can I apply for a grant?

If you’re based in England, Wales or Scotland then you don’t need to be a registered charity unless your income exceeds £50,000. If you are based elsewhere in the UK, Guernsey or the Isle of Man then please check our Grant Funding Criteria as charity regulations are different in these areas.

How often can I apply?

If you’ve received a grant from us before, then you need to wait 18 months before making another application. However, if you’ve had a small grant towards running costs, and you’re now looking for more substantial funding to help with a big building project or large capital purchase (e.g. a vehicle), please get in touch to see if we can help.

How much can I apply for?

This is a difficult question to answer as every application is different! Grant donations range from a few hundred pounds to usually no more than £50,000. If you’re looking for help with running costs (vet bills or boarding costs) then there is a cap of 20% of a rescue’s annual expenditure. Other grant amounts vary depending on your circumstances.

In total Support Adoption For Pets awards grants of just over £1million to pet rescues every year.

In the Grant Funding Criteria you talk about the financial stability of a rescue. I’m concerned that my rescue’s finances mean we can’t apply for a grant. Can you give me more advice?

Call us! We know that the circumstances of every rescue are different. You might be a rescue that has faced several years of financial hardship, but you’ve now got plans in place and the future is looking brighter. You might have substantial cash reserves, but there’s a reason – you’ve received a large legacy you haven’t spent yet, you’re saving for building work, or you’re trying to buy your first site. It’s best to speak to us before you start an application, so we can learn more and give advice on what information to provide.

This is the first time my rescue has applied for a grant. Are there other organisations which offer grants?

Yes! Some of the main grant givers in the pet rescue sector are:

Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust

The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust

The Lush Charity Pot

Petplan Charitable Trust

Mrs D M France-Hayhurst Foundation

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