What we expect

Just like you, Support Adoption For Pets relies on public donations to operate our grant programme. It’s essential that we know how grant funds have been spent, and how they have helped pet welfare, so we can share this information with our donors. We want to give them confidence in how their donations were spent, so they continue to support us and so we can continue to offer grants. We also want to shout about your achievements!

What we expect from grant recipients

  • Familiarise yourself with Support Adoption For Pets and Pets at Home, and how together we can improve the welfare of the UK’s pets
  • Send us photos, stories and other content that we can use in our newsletters, on our website and on social media
  • Work with us and our PR Agency to generate press interest by providing content for press releases, such as photos and quotes on how a grant has helped
  • Mention us and the grant to your supporters through your social media channels, website and newsletters
  • Using the grant for building work? Send us before, during and after photos of the building as it takes shape
  • Tell us if your plans change
  • When requested, provide evidence of how the funds have been used

Using our logo

We’re happy for grant recipients to use our logo on their website, in newsletters and social media.

We expect you to display our logo if you have received a grant towards:

  • The purchase of a vehicle
  • Building work/refurbishment

Details of the logo size and placement can be found in our Grant Funding Criteria

Partnered with a Pets at Home store?

One of the other ways Support Adoption For Pets helps rescues is by encouraging rescues to build relationships with their local Pets at Home stores. This is called our ‘Partnership Scheme’ and it means participating rescues can benefit from going into store to fundraise, meet the public, collect donations and potentially take part in a bi-annual Support Adoption For Pets fundraising appeal.

You don’t need to be partnered with a Pets at Home store to be eligible to receive a grant. We know that there are lots of rescues who are very small and struggle to find enough volunteers to regularly fundraise in stores.

However, if you are partnered with a Pets at Home store, then we expect that relationship to be a positive one! If it wasn’t for Pets at Home colleagues and customers we wouldn’t have the funds to be able to run a grant programme. If you’re partnered with a store and you apply for a grant, then we’ll have a chat with the store team to find out how that relationship is working. Store teams are hugely passionate about helping homeless pets and they can often be a rescue’s biggest champion!

Any questions?

Contact Laura, our Grant Funding Coordinator on laura@supportadoptionforpets.co.uk or 0161 486 7538.