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Grant Programme

We support charities and not-for-profit organisations whose main activity is either:

  • the rescue and rehoming of UK pets or
  • the provision of temporary support to ensure pets can remain with their owners

What do we fund?

Support Adoption For Pets funds projects which have a direct impact on animal welfare. In light of the current coronavirus situation, we will currently only fund:
  • Vet bills
  • Boarding costs
  • Food
  • Salaries of (non-furloughed) animal care staff
  • Utilities and consumables

Deadlines:  None; this is a rolling programme, with complete applications reviewed as quickly as the team is able to.

How much do we fund?
Up to £10,000
Or up to 30% of total annual expenditure, whichever is the lower amount.

How often can we apply? At least 3 months must lapse between receiving funds and making a new application (under this programme).

How to apply
  1. Read the current grant criteria carefully to make sure your organisation and your application are eligible for support.
  2. Email to discuss your application and get access to the application form.
  3. Make sure you’ve included all the supporting evidence required before submitting your application. For all applications this includes recent financial details for your organisation; additional guidance is below. Failure to include all of the required evidence will result in an application being automatically declined.
  4. Submit your application. Applications must be made by email. We cannot accept applications by post.
  5. We may also ask if we can conduct a 'virtual' visit to the rescue to learn more about your work and the way you operate.
Click here to apply


2020-21 Grant Funding Criteria
Financial information guidance
Information required after a grant

We’ve been awarded a grant – what next?

Receiving a grant isn’t the end of the process; all rescues should engage with us following a successful application. This ensures we can celebrate the grant with our donors. As a minimum, this includes:

  • social media post
  • short thank you video (max. 30 secs)
  • photographs and case studies of pets helped
  • article in a newsletter (if your rescue produces one)

For more information please contact the Support Adoption For Pets team at

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