Charity Partnership Scheme

An exciting opportunity for rescue centres to partner with their local Pets at Home store!

Support Adoption For Pets is proud to operate a Partnership Scheme between local rescues and local Pets at Home stores to raise funds, build awareness and create opportunities for support.

Eligible UK pet rescues are welcome to join the scheme, whether a registered charity or not, and get access to fundraising in store, donation bins and an invitation to join in Support Adoption For Pets' national fundraising drives.

There are 430 Pets at Home stores in the UK, each able to partner with local rescues and shelters (up to five) that are within a 20 mile radius. We encourage happy working relationships between store colleagues and volunteers with regular adhoc fundraising events throughout the year. Pets at Home loves to promote the work of local rescues, and to fundraise on their behalf with their customers who are passionate animal lovers and dedicate to helping pets.

Please note the 2018 Partnership Scheme is now closed.

Details of how rescues can work with their local Pets at Home stores in 2019 will be shared in the New Year.

Raise Awareness and Fundraise in your local community

Benefits of the Support Adoption For Pets Partnership Scheme
  1. Increase local awareness for your rescue and raise much needed funds through your local community.
  2. Take part in “Meet and Greet” events in stores - a great opportunity to bring one or two pets* that are looking for a new home onto a public platform so that they may meet potential new owners.
  3. Partnered rescues are eligible to receive food and products donated by customers via the Support Adoption For Pets donation bins located within Pets at Home stores.
  4. Partnered rescues are eligible to take part in and receive donations for national Support Adoption For Pets fundraising events, if nominated by their store.
  5. Advertising pets that need a new home on display boards in store (where available) and on our website.
  6. Receiving 10% discount vouchers for Pets at Home (subject to availability) to include in pet adoption packs for new pet owners.
  7. Access to shared PR resources and promotions to our 55,000+ social media followers through partnership news and stories.
  8. Get to know us better. For every grant application we receive we consult with any partnered stores on the relationship with their rescue.

*In order to take pets into store with you, you must have public liability insurance and follow strict guidelines.

Is your rescue eligible?

Criteria for rescue partners
  1. Rehoming homeless domestic pets from the UK must be your main charitable objective. Whilst rescues may have some dogs from abroad for example, the majority of the rescue's pets must be from the UK.
  2. For the scheme to work effectively, we ask that partnered rescues commit to an active (ideally 4 - 6 adhoc visits to each partnered store per year), positive two-way relationship with both Support Adoption For Pets and Pets at Home.
  3. Your rescue should be within a 20 mile radius of the store(s) you partner with.
  4. You either operate as a registered pet rehoming charity or not-for-profit rehoming organisation. To partner your rescue does not have to be a registered charity, unless the rescue has an annual income of over £50,000.
  5. Partnered rescues are required to have a registered bank account in the rescue's name.
  6. Foster based rescues are welcome to apply using the registered address or suitable local addresses - please discuss details with us.
  7. Rescues must understand that we work with hundreds of other rehoming centres and we ask that you work together well and support one another.
  8. Partnered rescues must have been actively rehoming for more than one year.
  9. You can partner with up to 5 stores that meet the criteria but must commit to a working relationship with each of them.
  10. Your rescue must have a monitored email address as we use this method to give regular updates from our charity and promote new schemes offered to rescues.
  11. We ask partnered rescues to engage with Support Adoption For Pets via our social media platforms where possible. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where you can "Like", "Follow" and share stories and photos with us.
  12. We ask partnered rescues to contact us with news of their fundraising in store, updates on how donations have supported the work they do and case studies of pets that need help to find a home. Please email with any news and imagery that we can share with the press and social media.
  13. You must submit a form to declare how much you have raised in the store so we can monitor successful partnerships.
  14. A regular site visit will be conducted by a Support Adoption For Pets' representative, either at the rescue centres address or at a fosterers address. We reserve the right to visit partnered rescues at any time.
  15. Most importantly you must have acceptable standards and practices in place and be passionate about rehoming. You will need to be able to demonstrate you are an active pet rehoming centre based in the UK.
  16. All organisations based in Northern Ireland, regardless of income, must be registered with the Charity Commission For Northern Ireland or be able to demonstrate that they have requested registration.


Not permitted:

  1. Only partnered charities can fundraise in store. No other charity is permitted in store.
  2. Signing supporters up to Direct Debits is not allowed. You can provide interested parties with leaflets that they can then take away with them but no personal details can be collected in store.
  3. Collection buckets/shakers/tins MUST NOT be left in store. We do not accept responsibility for the safe keeping of collection boxes.
  4. Support Adoption For Pets provide Pets at Home with food donation bins which partnered rehoming centres are able to share with one another. They are not exclusive to any one rescue unless part of a Support Adoption For Pets fundraising drive.

Support Adoption For Pets and Pets at Home - working together to give animals forever homes.

How to join the scheme:

If your rescue is eligible, and you are interested in joining the Partnership Scheme, we recommend you speak to the colleagues in your local store to find out if they are looking for new rescue partners. You can also contact the Support Adoption For Pets team on to register your interest. We will liaise with your local stores and if a partnership is possible at that time a representative of the store or charity will visit your rescue to complete the necessary paperwork to become partnered with a store. We will require information from you about your rehoming figures, rescue practices, contact details and logos.

Please note - the scheme is refreshed every financial year so in early spring stores will be asked to revise and revisit their partnered rescues and likewise rescues are asked to review their relationships with stores.

Partnership engagement is monitored throughout the year and inactive or unsuccessful partnerships will be terminated with written notice to allow opportunities for other rescues. If you wish to end a partnership please speak to the team.  

Support Adoption For Pets Fundraising Drives In Stores

Partnered rescues are able to fundraise in store throughout the year at times and dates agreed with the store management. Any money raised can be taken away with the rescue. A form must be submitted to the charity team by post or email informing us of the sum raised. 

The only exceptions are black-out periods that are allocated to specific fundraising drives for example the RSCPA weekend, Children In Need or a Support Adoption For Pets event such as the Santa Paws Appeal in December - all of which are invitation only events in store. Partnered rescues will be alerted to these dates every spring. 

For a Support Adoption For Pets fundraising drive each store is invited to nominate just one of their partnered rescues to take part. Nominated rescues are required to fundraise in store with the team for a minimum of three days, for which they will receive 50% of all monies raised by that store throughout the appeal. Every penny raised must be banked through the till to arrange the correct amounts and a cheque will be sent from Support Adoption For Pets after the event. The rest of the funds go to our Grant Programme and the various charity schemes we operate. Nominated rescues will receive communications to confirm nominations. If you are not nominated by a store you cannot fundraise in that store during the appeal. We do encourage stores to rotate who they nominate to give everyone a fair chance. 

If you have any further questions please get in touch.