Donated Stock

Support Adoption For Pets administers the Pets at Home Donated Stock Scheme.

Any Pets at Home stock that cannot be sold is donated to local rescue centres across the UK, offering a lifeline of support for hungry mouths and struggling rescues. Stock donations could include – for example – a ripped bag of cat litter, a dented tin of dog food, products with a short shelf life or surplus toys, leads and bedding. Donations come by the pallet so you would need a van or several trips to collect a donation.

With over 435 Pets at Home stores nationwide (and growing!) the charity offers these items where they are needed to support hardworking rescue centres to help them feed and care for abandoned pets. The scheme is operated as fairly as possibly on a rota basis - the stock comes from central distribution warehouse and when donations become available we arrange to deliver it to the nearest store for the next rescue on the list.

Rehoming centres based in the UK are able to apply for this scheme by completing the basic application form on this page. It is vital that those applying are known representatives of the rescue and that the below terms of use have been read and accepted. If your rescue is eligible for support you will be added to the list for donations and will be contacted when pallets become available.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Donated Stock Scheme Terms of Use

1. Items donated are for the sole use of the rescue and cannot be exchanged in store.
2. Items donated must not be re sold.
3. Any items that are offered, are offered at no charge to your rescue.
4. We can only accept one application per rescue. If you work on a national foster basis, please speak to your colleagues to arrange a central donation or contact us and we can help to arrange a shared donation.
5. If you are a multi-site rescue, then one application per site (based on postcode) will be accepted.
6. We cannot list the items on the pallet nor make stock donations to order as they do vary depending on surplus stock availability.
7. We cannot give you a date that the pallet will be delivered to your nominated/local Pets at Home store but we will call you when it arrives so that you may make the necessary arrangements.
8. Collection from your nominated/local Pets at Home store must be completed within 48
hours of being informed that the items are ready.
9. Rehoming centres must not “cherry pick” from the donation and must take all items on the
pallet. A small van or large car would be needed.
10. Once you have applied, you do not need to reapply as we record and hold your details
centrally. After a donation your rescue moves to the bottom of the list and the rota continues.
11. We'd love to hear from you if you have received a donation - please send photos and acknowledgement on social media or by email.
12. Only UK based rescue centres can apply. The pets that you rescue must be majority from the UK.  
PLEASE NOTE: All organisations based in Northern Ireland, regardless of income, must be registered with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland or be able to demonstrate that they have requested registration.
13. The organisation’s main charitable activity must be the rescue and rehoming of domestic pets.

Please note that Support Adoption For Pets cannot offer any guarantee when items will be available nor the frequency of donations offered. This scheme is very popular so rescues are likely to receive one donation every 12/14 months. Failure to meet the criteria will result in your rescue being removed from the scheme immediately and without notice.
Should you have any questions relating to this scheme, please contact Lynn Stoddard, Charity
Administrator via email or on 0161 486 3669