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Support Adoption For Pets is proud to support over 500 rehoming & rescue centres across the UK & NI.

We support these rescues in a number of different ways; through our charity partnering scheme, damaged stock scheme, grant application scheme & giving rescue centres the option to upload their details to our rescue directory & spotlight the pets in their care looking for a new home.

Further information and criteria can be found below however should you have any questions please contact us.


There are several ways we may be able to help you continue to support animal rescue.

Become a Charity Partner

Raising awareness for rehoming centres and the thousands of pets that need new homes is crucial. We believe that this can be done most effectively at a local level by promoting your charity within the local community.


That's why Pets at Home stores up and down the country are building vital charity partnerships with local animal rescue and re-homing charities and yours could be one of them.

Here are some of the benefits:-

  • Increase your awareness and funds. Perhaps most importantly you can join the Pets at Home team for a 'Meet and Greet' event. This is an opportunity for you to bring one or two of the pets that you're looking to re-home into the store to meet colleagues and customers. It's a unique way of introducing your work to the public and is guaranteed to be a great morale and funds booster.
  • Receive food and accessories donated by customers
  • Advertise pets that need a new home on display boards in store
  • Take advantage of joint PR and knowledgeable colleagues


The first step to becoming a Re-homing Centre Partner is to speak to  your local Pets at Home store manager, who will make arrangements to visit you or your animal rescue centre.


As you would expect, there are certain criteria that organisations have to fulfil in order to become a Charity Partner, but perhaps the most important of these is having acceptable standards and practices in place and being passionate about re-homing. Find your nearest Pets at Home store.


Join our Damaged Stock Scheme

As you can imagine the Pets at Home Distribution Centres handle thousands of deliveries every week. It is inevitable that some items may get damaged from time to time. A bag of food may get ripped or the screws from a hutch go missing. Nothing major but it does mean those items cannot be sold to customers. This is where your rescue centre could benefit.


We gather any damaged stock together, and donate it to a local animal rescue or re-homing centre. This usually comes as a welcome relief for the rehoming centres which are currently on the scheme. It allows them to feed the pets in their care and put the money saved to other good use. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee when goods would be available, or how often. You are likely to receive your donation approximately once every 12 months, but it's free so you've absolutely nothing to lose.

Apply to join the scheme and help your local animal rescue centre.

Apply for a grant from Support Adoption For Pets

These days charities are finding it more and more difficult to raise the funds they need to continue with their vital work. We understand the increasing financial demands faced by animal welfare and re-homing charities. While costs are rising, donations are falling.Support Adoption For Pets is here to help so why not apply to us for a grant? It's easier than you may think and could be the financial lifeline you need.


You know how much hard work goes into raising funds and so do we.  That's why we take great care to ensure that our donor contributions are used wisely. We look favourably at animal welfare organisations and re-homing centres, based and operating in the UK, with the best track records. We are keen that money is distributed to the organisations with the potential to make the most difference.  The items or projects you seek funds for should clearly bring benefits to animal welfare in general but in particular benefit and encourage the re-homing of more pets. If you are applying for new animal housing or repairs, please note that the land on which the buildings stand must be owned by the organisation itself and not by an individual connected with it.


To apply for a grant simply download an Application Form today. Just fill it in and we'll do the rest.


If you'd like more information about Support Adoption For Pets, our ideals and objectives, download our "Guidance for Giving" information today!