Adopting From Us

We only look for the very best homes for the pets in our adoption centres as we believe they deserve all the love and care a person can give. If you are thinking about adopting one of our pets please read about the process here.

Everyday hundreds of small pets find themselves in one of our Adoption Centres inside Pets at Home stores through no fault of their own and we are only looking for the very best homes for them.

If you have seen the pet that you would like to offer a forever home to, your first steps are to call into the adoption centre that is looking after them and speak to the team. They will talk you through their care requirements and will expect you to be able to demonstrate that you have thought carefully about taking on a pet, that you're able to provide for them throughout their life and you know what love, care and attention they will need on a daily basis.

Please do research the care each pet will need throughout their life and also consider veterinary costs and annual vaccinations which can be very expensive as can general food and housing.

Once you have met your pet(s) and spoken to one of our charity champions, if you would like to adopt the pet(s) and our charity champion is happy that you have considered the adoption carefully, you will be asked to complete the adoption paperwork. We do empower our charity champions to refuse an adoption if they are concerned about the pets ongoing welfare or that the adoption hasn't been carefully considered.

You will be asked to pay an donation for the animal(s), which will help us continue to care for other pets that will find themselves in our centres in the future. We make absolutely no profit from any pet that is adopted via our centres and all the money donated goes to our charity.

We also do not believe that pet adoption should be considered as a cheaper option to having a pet. If a significantly low donation is offered for one of our pets, we will have to consider whether the adopter can afford their ongoing care for the rest of their lives.  

If after adopting your pet(s) from us, your situation changes and you are no longer able to give them the home that they need and deserve, we do ask that you contact us as we make a commitment to taking pets back in to our centres so that we can find another home for them.

We do hope that you find your new fur-soulmate via one of our adoption centres. Giving a pet their second chance at happiness is truly a rewarding thing to do and you will become part of our extended family. We love to receive photos from the pets adopted from us in their new homes and these can be emailed to us at If you would be happy for us to use their photos and stories with our supporters then please mention this in your email.

Adopting rabbits from us

Rabbits are fantastic animals and make great pets for older/ teenage children and adults, they do however have complex needs so it's imperative to anyone thinking of adopting a rabbit that they research their requirements before committing to adopting from us.

Please read our "What you need to know about your rabbit " knowledge centre article.

Any rabbit adopted from Support Adoption For Pets will leave the centre with a FREE neutering voucher (if they haven't already been neutered), vaccination voucher and health check voucher.

If you are looking to rehome a pet from us please visit our website or pop into your local Pets at Home store to meet some of the pets looking for a forever home.