Case Study

Birmingham Dogs Home – Sunnyside Case Study

In July 2014, Support Adoption For Pets donated £50,000 to Birmingham Dogs Home - Sunnyside to help them with a major kennel refurbishment. The impressive renovation, the total cost of which amounted to £180,000, has brought Sunnyside into the high-tech age.

The latest glass-fronted kennels have replaced the old metal ones and are helping create a calmer, quieter and warmer environment for the dogs, while at the same time generating far superior hygienic conditions.

Visitors, too, benefit from the bright, modern atmosphere and the ability to see the dogs clearly through full-length windows.

Dogs are also helped by the addition of new hatch and flap design in their kennels which is constructed to retain heat when they exit and enter the runs.

The grant from Support Adoption For Pets was awarded to Sunnyside following an application which contained a personalised video featuring staff members and dogs which we believed deserved our support and assistance.

Karen Doy, Sunnyside manager said “We are absolutely delighted with this renovation work which was badly needed. Support Adoption For Pets have been marvellous in awarding us this grant and we truly appreciate it. The refurbishment has made an enormous difference to our dogs, staff and visitors alike. There are just no words that can express our gratitude to them and the team at Sunnyside are thrilled to have the dogs back in these excellent, warmer kennels”

We need your help to continue supporting these fantastic organisations and we hope this shows what an amazing difference your lottery £1 will make.