Hitch's great adventure


A tiny guinea pig, aptly named Hitch by her rescuers, was taken in by our Support Adoption For Pets Newark centre volunteers after sneaking into a bag of hay and driven 150 miles across the country.

Hitch weighed just 175g – the same as a Terry’s Chocolate Orange – when she was brought in by a member of the public after discovering her in a bag of hay bought the previous day in Kent. Remarkably, Hitch was unharmed and completely unphased by her epic 150 mile road trip.

Our experienced volunteers still have no idea how she managed to get into the bag of hay, although it was thought that she escaped during a clean out of her hutch and ended up in a bag of hay sold by a farm shop.

Our priority initially was to find the family who had owned her originally or if that failed, a new family that currently had guinea pigs and already had a large, well-insulated hutch and run set up for her to move into.

A couple of weeks later after her original family failed to come forward, Carla and Chris arrived in our adoption centre, looking to add to their existing family of guinea pigs and a skinny pig and obviously fell in love with our, now media famous, Hitch.


Having been though a pretty adventurous start in life, we were very keen to find our little girl the very best home we could. It was very important to us that the new home needed to be an experienced guinea home with a perfect set up already in place and hopefully an existing guinea family that Hitch would be carefully introduced to so we were over the moon when Carla and Chris approached us, with all these attributes and a willingness to give Hitch the forever home we were desperate to find her.

We love receiving updates from Hitch and the photos clearly show our tiny girl has settled in amazingly well.

We look after thousands of small animals every year, just like Hitch, so your £1 weekly donation will help us find forever homes for these pets and give them the love, care and attention that they so desperately deserve.