Santa Paws 2014 - Pro Dogs Direct

Why support our #SantaPaws Appeal?

Our #SantaPaws Appeal was affectionately created over five years ago in a bid to promote homeless and abandonded pets and the rescues that care for them during one of their busiest times of the year!

If you've ever donated to one of our Santa Paws appeals or are considering donating to us this year, please read the mini case study below, which demonstrates how your donation will make a huge difference.

Pro Dogs Direct

“December is always a hard month for us at Pro Dogs Direct; foster's go away and there is always an influx of dogs. We believe this is because people don’t want to pay for kennelling over the holiday so just dump their dog so as we are a foster based rescue, we often become totally stretched.

If the dog is at risk we have to use emergency kennelling until we can accommodate the dog in a foster home, usually they are older dogs as well which generally have age associated health issues that need treating which is costly to the rescue.

Last year the #SantaPaws donation from Support Adoption For Pets enabled us help the dogs that came into our care over December. In addition we also received a grant donation too. We used this money to purchase a vehicle which we had fitted out so we could transport all of the dogs in a safe way. 

The van is reliable and has meant that we have saved so many more dogs as we are able to collect them often at a moment’s notice.

We are so pleased that we’ve been nominated to receive two donations this year and can’t wait for the #SantaPaws Appeal 2015 to begin. We have lots of lovely ideas to generate funds so if you are in the Basingstoke or Eltham area why not pop along and say hello?

Any donation that we receive following this years’ appeal, we will spend on our vet bills. With people all feeling the pinch it has had a knock on effect on the number of animals coming into us.  Most need medical treatment as their owners have not been able to afford it. 

We could never say “no” to an animal in need so all the while we can help, we will.”

If you would like to help rescues, just like Pro Dogs Direct please donate to our #SantaPaws Appeal today.