Santa Paws 2014 – The Rabbit Residence Rescue

Why support our #SantaPaws Appeal?

Our #SantaPaws Appeal was affectionately created over five years ago in a bid to promote homeless and abandonded pets and the rescues that care for them during one of their busiest times of the year!

If you've ever donated to one of our Santa Paws appeals or are considering donating to us this year, please read the mini case study below, which demonstrates how your donation will make a huge difference.

The Rabbit Residence Rescue 

"Here at The Rabbit Residence Rescue, December is one of our busiest months, we also have peaks just after Christmas and again after Easter when bunnies are discarded as unwanted gifts.

In December we receive many MANY calls to take in rabbits, often as people don't want to deal with outdoor bunnies in wet, cold weather and in the dark, or they are going away for the holidays and don't want to holiday board.

We are currently being inundated with emails and calls with more and more rabbits we just don't have room for.

The impact of this, not only on our charity but the people helping run the rescue is incredible and very stressful. Many of the rabbits we do take in haven't been spayed or neutered or are not up to date on vaccinations, so we need to pay for that. We have many rabbits with expensive on going health problems that cost a lot to keep happy and healthy.

We also find we have less volunteers on site in the winter months so it means longer working days for the dedicated volunteers who are happy to don the thermals, waterproofs and wellies and come whatever the weather.

Taking part in previous Support Adoption For Pet appeals, just like Santa Paws 2014 has helped our rescue in two ways:

The donation of £1,089.32 we received following the last appeal was a great help, it made a dent in our ever growing vets bills, to repair and replace housing and to ensure we were able to provide only the best hay and food for all our bunnies - so not only did it help give a rescue pet a Christmas dinner but it also helped with other day to day running of our rescue.

In addition to the donation, it also gave us a great opportunity to speak with supporters, shoppers and other pet lovers about responsible ownership and make them aware of rabbit care and rabbit welfare.

We're really pleased that we've received a nomination to take part in the Santa Paws 2015 Appeal as we hope to repeat the success of last year and talk to even more people who are interested in adopting a rabbit and help them understand their needs.

By donating to the Santa Paws 2015 appeal you will help rescues just like ours"