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Amy Angus

Job title
Charity Manager
Time at the charity
Just over a year, I previously worked in Pets at Home for 6 years before that!
Quick summary of your role
I have a brilliant team that work with me, which frees me up to look at different initiatives and work on the strategy of the charity and what we can do as a team to make things simpler and better for our wonderful friend in Pets at Home. I am also keen to look at how we share our message with our supporters about what we have achieved and can achieve with their support
What do you love most about working at Support Adoption For Pets?
The fact that the work we do directly impacts many animals across the country who need the help. I love the dynamics of the team I work in and the variation of my role. I love going out to rescues to see the before and then after the grant has been awarded, and see the animals who has benefitted from it
What pet do you have at home?
I have two dogs called Marshall and Russell. Marshall is a cairn terrier and is a cheeky two year old, who believes he is a human, Russell is a Jack Russell (aptly named) and is ten years old and loves playing out! I also have two guinea pigs called Lola and Rosie who are very cheeky little piggies who loves their veggies and snuggles, and love it when my children read them a bedtime story
What’s your favourite type of pet?
It has to be a dog, the love that my dogs have for me is unconditional and I love when I have put my human children I have snuggles with my fluffy children! I also love Donkeys – so if there is ever Donkey Sanctuaries that need visiting I will knock the team over to get there
What is your most memorable rescue experience?
It has to be SARA in Redcar, this was one of my first visits when I joined the charity and they were applying for a grant for their kennels to be built. They were awarded with £120,000 to complete this work. It was really clear to see the impact that this would have on all the pets in their care. I still to this day get tearful when I watch the video that we did whilst up at SARA
What are you most excited for this year at SAFP?
I am excited to help even more rescues across the country through our grant programme. I am also very excited for the Charity of the Year initiative as I know this will have a huge impact in local communities thanks to our friends at Pets At Home
Where are you most likely to be found in your job?
My job is so varied that there isn’t a standard week for me, if I am not in the office making brews and working with my team I will be out at a rescue trying to put animals under my coat to take home, or I can be out in stores talking to our colleagues to see how we can help them to make a bigger difference