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Amy Wilson

Job title
Fundraising Manager
Time at the charity
10 years – gulp!
Quick summary of your role
Anything fundraising, ensuring our activities are legal and encouraging everyone to support us by organising events which are simple to implement, fun, engaging – and raise lots of money!
What do you love most about working at Support Adoption For Pets?
I just love my job, combining my love of pets and fundraising to make the world a better place for those who cannot do that on their own… the variety, the enthusiasm and the passion of the people I work with and those who we help
What pet do you have at home?
The love of my life – faithful Mackie, my beautiful black (well rather grey) Labrador…. Faithful, adoring and loveable – and greedy / chilled!
What’s your favourite type of pet?
I love most animals …. Favourites dogs, elephants and cows! But until I win the lottery and can have my own elephants, a dog will be a close second
What is your most memorable rescue experience?
Too many to mention… over 10 years seeing small rescues grow, develop and fulfil their dreams… like Hope Rescue, which I have seen grow from operating out of a kitchen, to renting their own kennel space, to buying their own centre – showing what commitment, passion and our help have made possible
What are you most excited for this year at SAFP?
Delivering our most successful fundraising year ever – because if I don’t make that happen, the funding isn’t there to award… Laura won’t have anything to spend…
Where are you most likely to be found in your job?
In the last 8 weeks, I’ve been to Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, visited over 50 Pets at Home stores, 20 rescues – sold over half a million scratchcards, sent Pets at Home’s CEO at 100mph down the longest Zipline in the world and I followed!, been to the Animal Hero Awards and the National Cat Awards, spoken at the National Institute of Fundraising Convention #Proud to be a fundraiser –– so anything, anywhere is possible!