Ark on the Edge

Ark on the Edge, Support Adoption For Pets

We rescue and rehome any domestic animals, room permitting. We have no kenneling facilities to take dogs in, but we do have a database for all animals needing homes, or people wanting to rehome a pet,

"Ark on the Edge was delighted to be offered the funding that we applied for via the Support Adoption For Pets Helping Paws Award. It will enable us to provide better help to those animals that get left with us to rehome or abandoned, both domestic and wildlife. Our Open Day on 25th June we have offered free microchipping, no questions asked, for the dogs that now require a chip by law.  We live in a very rural area so sometimes getting even our animals to vets is not easy, so some elderly people will find it easier to come along to us.

We work very closely with a number of local vets which keep us supplied with animals of all sorts coming in for all sorts of reasons. PDSA, Blue Cross, RSPCA and many others provide us with all sorts as well. 

This time of year with so many young animals we are always busy.

The scales, heating pads and shelter will be extremely useful to us at this time.  Likewise the crush cage to make life less stressful for both the animal and ourselves and obviously less likely to have injuries on either side. We are so grateful for the offer and cant wait to be in a position to buy the goods and get using them.

Recently we took in an elderly cat which had been used as target practice so her leg had to be amputated and we also took in some young kittens whose mum had been killed on the road.  Phone calls about kittens are a daily occurrence this time of year.


So from all at Ark on the Edge both two and 4 legs, hair, fur and feather thank you for giving us a chance to purchase equipment to provide better chance to our occupants!"

Pat Kingsnorth, Charity Manager, Ark on the Edge