Cats Protection Haslemere

Cats Protection Haslemere, Support Adoption For Pets

Cats Protection Haslemere is a dedicated Adoption Centre run by the national charity. They rescue and rehomes hundreds of cats every year and recently underwent a big renovation creating state-of-the-art rescue pens for their residents.

"Support Adoption for Pets has generously helped fund an industrial washing machine and tumble dryer for the new cat isolation unit at Cats Protection’s Haslemere Adoption Centre. The isolation unit, which SAFP helped fund the construction of, will provide comfortable, quiet housing for sick cats to recover in peace.

To prevent cross-contamination, bedding used for cats in the isolation unit must be washed and dried separately. With the right equipment and the highest standards of cat care, our staff and volunteers will be able to care for cats that are ill or suspected of having an infectious disease, without putting the health of other cats at the centre at risk.

The isolation unit with its dedicated equipment will make such a difference to the wellbeing of the most poorly cats that we take in, and will also mean we can provide expert help to our volunteer branches and other cat rescue charities, that need assistance in looking after sick and infectious cats.

Thank you for making this possible!" 

Heather Brice, Trust Fundraiser