Cavy Corner Guinea Sanctuary

Cavy Corner Guinea Sanctuary, Support Adoption For Pets

Cavy Corner Guinea Sanctuary rescues abused, abandoned, neglected and unwanted guinea pigs in addition to taking in piggies with special needs either because of poor health or behaviour. We nurse them back to good health & find the perfect family for

"We applied to Support Adoption For Pets for one of their Celebration Grants for a new building with purpose built facilities to replace the existing Caviary building which needed major renovation as parts were unusable due to a badly leaking roof.

The support from the Support Adoption For Pets team during this process was superb – we had difficulty uploading our entry and help was instantly available and I was also able to ask questions and gain advice. When we were visited by members of the team they were supportive and encouraging.

Our grant of £50,000 was awarded in Summer 2014 and the project was fully completed in Summer 2015 and the building is AMAZING! 

For Cavy Corner, a small volunteer run, home based charity with no paid staff, receiving this grant was a dream come true. Cavy Corner has always worked hard to provide the best possible care for the animals and now the facilities match the passion and the animals have a wonderful environment to thrive in.

We are so grateful to Support Adoption For Pets for this opportunity"

Sue Tate, Co-Founder, Cavy Corner Guinea Sanctuary