Happy Cats Rescue

Happy Cats Rescue, Support Adoption For Pets

We are a small not for profit rescue set up and run to help cats and kittens in the local area of Hampshire and Surery, established in 2012.

"We take in a large number of abandoned and stray cats, pregnant cats and kittens that need medical attention. We also trap feral cats and give them the medical treatment including neutering. We offer help and support to animals that may sometimes never stand a chance of finding a new home. We felt the Health & Wellbeing grant from Support Adoption For Pets would give us the biggest chance continue to helping more cats in need.

As with any rescue charity, our main expenditure is veterinary care. This area is where most of our money goes. The vast majority of the cats coming into our care need the basics, neutering, vaccinations, microchipping, flea and worming treatments. Some of the older cats or stray cats we rescue also need dental work or blood tests etc, and these, whilst a necessary part of care, increase our vet fees. 

The grant from Support Adoption For Pets will ensure that the cats that come into our care will receive the vet treatment they need. We will also be using a proportion of this to promote another neutering campaign locally to help prevent more unwanted pregnancies.

Massive thank you to everyone at Support Adoption For Pets!"

Jo Lucas, Happy Cat Rescue 

Pictured: Jade the cat who has been in long term care due to the conditions she came with.