Lincoln Cat Care

Lincoln Cat Care, Support Adoption For Pets

Lincoln Cat Care came into being just 12 years ago with the single aim of helping cats, kittens and their owners with all aspects of cat welfare.

"As a relatively small organisation we are always aware of the financial problems arising from limited unpredictable revenue and predictable high demand for our services and financial support. Fortunately we are blessed with members and volunteers who give their time freely, making financial contributions to Lincoln Cat Care  extremely cost effective -we have no buildings, vehicles or staff to pay for.

Support Adoption for Pets generously helped us with a contribution to our annual neutering campaign earlier this year which enabled us to increase the number of procedures that we could afford. After such generosity, we applied for a Health and Wellbeing Award with fairly low expectation of success but were so delighted with the news on August 17th that we had been successful in our application.

The grant will enable many more cats to receive the veterinary attention that they require. It will give their owners assurance and peace of mind that their pets are receiving what they need, rather than what they can afford. The members of Lincoln Cat Care feel honoured that they should have received such significant support and recognition from a national charity.

To the staff, trustees and supporters of Support Adoption for Pets we would like to say what a great difference the grant will make to the cats and kittens that we help. We thank you for your generosity."

Nigel Williams, Lincoln Cat Care

Pictured: "Max, who is somewhat of a Lincoln Cat Care celebrity, was dropped in to a veterinary practice, ownerless and with a complex femoral fracture. Lincoln Cat Care took him under their wing and paid for a local vet to repair the injured limb. After a period with a foster carer a loving forever home was found for Max , where he now lives - as agile he used to be!"