Pendle Dogs In Need

Pendle Dogs In Need, Support Adoption For Pets

Pendle Dogs in Need was set up to help dogs in the Pendle area & surrounding areas secure loving homes for life. They help the dogs in this area & are committed to rehoming the dogs in this area. Their dogs are only rehomed within Burnley & Pe

"Pendle Dogs In Need (PDIN) is a dog rescue service serving the area around Burnley and Pendle and helps with dogs that have been abandoned, mistreated or need rehoming for some other reason. PDIN provide any veterinary treatment required and vaccinate and spay or neuter where this has not already been done.

All this can be very costly, especially when we come across dogs like Candy.

PDIN were alerted to Candy, a lovely lurcher girl in the winter of 2014. She had been seen several times wandering in Burnley, scavenging from bins and eating rubbish, but no one could catch her. In January she was eventually picked up by the dog warden but had to spend 7 days in a local Pound before coming to PDIN. She was so thin and weak she had to be carried to the car.

Her foster carer gave her some scrambled eggs and a warm bath and was horrified by the state of her, so thin and weak.

Her foster carer spent the next couple of days getting to know her and feeding her good food and reported that Candy was the sweetest girl who was happy to have a warm comfy bed and a lot of affection but also noticed she was drinking and weeing a lot so a visit to the vets was in order. The vet checked her over and was also shocked at the condition she was in. He wanted a sample and Candy obliged by weeing all over the floor. Her sugar levels were sky high, indicating undiagnosed and untreated diabetes and she spent the next two nights in the vets on a drip before the long, but expensive, road to recovery began.

Candy now requires insulin injections twice a day and regular visits to the vet. Spaying her was very expensive as she required close monitoring over a period of days and her blood sugars became very unstable.

PDIN had applied for grant support towards veterinary fees from Support Adoption For Pets in the summer of 2014 and were extremely grateful that the request was looked upon favourably. It helped make it possible to give dogs like Candy the veterinary care needed.

The process of applying was straightforward and the personal contact with the Support Adoption For Pets team made it clear that we were all working towards the same aim of helping animals when they need it most. The fact that a member of the grants team took the time to visit PDIN and learn first hand about our work was an indication of their interest and gave PDIN an opportunity to explain and talk about their work in more detail.

Fundraising is always an ongoing struggle for charities like PDIN and the grant from Support Adoption For Pets made such a positive difference.

Thank you from Pendle Dogs In Need and from Candy on behalf of all the other dogs your support has helped."