Rescue Remedies Dog Rescue

Rescue Remedies Dog Rescue, Support Adoption For Pets

Rescue Remedies Dog Rescue mainly cover the South East of England and are home based in the Surrey, London and Hampshire area. They have been rescuing dogs since 2002 and grown from small beginnings to currently carrying around 80-90 dogs on their books.

"Rescue Remedies Dog Rescue is based in the South East of England, but we take in and home dogs throughout England and Wales. We started in 2003 and have grown to currently carrying around 130-140 dogs on our books and homing over 340 dogs a year.

We applied for help with our ongoing kennel fees. We have 87 dogs in 5 different boarding kennels as well as 40 dogs in foster homes. We pay £56 per dog per week, so our kennel fees are very high.

The online application was straight forward and the SAFP team were very helpful, answering any questions I had by email and keeping me informed throughout the process. Once we were awarded the grant, they also helped us to partner with Redhill Pets and Home which has been great.

We were thrilled to be awarded £20,000 in October 2014, and it literally helped us to save lives. It enabled us to say 'yes' to pound dogs that would have otherwise been put to sleep, and we could then find them loving forever homes.

We hope that with ongoing support from Support Adoption For Pets we will be able to help many more dogs in the future....THANK YOU!"

Nikki Black, Rescue Remedies Dog Rescue