RSPCA Liverpool Branch

RSPCA Liverpool Branch, Support Adoption For Pets

RSPCA Liverpool Branch is a separately registered charity to the national RSPCA. They receive no government funding and are primarily responsible for raising funds locally to deliver vital animal welfare services through the animal centre.

"We are RSPCA Liverpool Branch, the oldest animal charity in the world, formed in 1809 in Liverpool, before even the RSPCA was formed.

We wanted to improve a very old kennel block which no longer met RSPCA standards although the structure was sound and we applied for financial support from Support Adoption For Pets.

We found the process very straight forward and the team working on our application very helpful and supportive.

Our application was dealt with very quickly and our grant was received in September awarding us £40,000. The whole project cost in the order of £150,000 and the work was completed in May 2015 giving 26 really bright, airy kennels exceeding RSPCA standards.

These kennels house dogs which have been the subject of cruelty, abuse and neglect and they can be at the Centre for some time and therefore deserve spacious accommodation.

It has made a really big difference to the work we do."

John Smallwood, Secretary, RSPCA Liverpool Branch