RSPCA Manchester & Salford

RSPCA Manchester & Salford, Support Adoption For Pets

RSPCA Manchester & Salford is a small local branch without a rehoming centre. We use private boarding facilities and a network of foster carers to help over 400 animals a year find loving new homes.

"At RSPCA Manchester & Salford, we applied to Support Adoption For Pets for a Health & Wellbeing grant for assistance with caring for our small animals after a significant rise in the number being rescued by the RSPCA inspectorate.

The application for the scheme was simple and straight forward. We particularly appreciated and enjoyed the opportunity to show representatives from Support Adoption for Pets the work that we do locally with small animals. It allowed us to demonstrate the efforts that we make to ensure better outcomes for small animals and discuss the bonding support scheme we have in place to pair-bond animals.

With the increase in animals coming in, our veterinary bills have increased greatly and we really needed help to keep up with demand to allow for more animal admissions. The Support Adoption for Pets ‘Health and Wellbeing’ award will make sure that we can meet our outgoings longer than we had budgeted for this year, which is a huge relief given the pressure to take in so many neglect, unwanted and sadly cruelly treated animals."

Susie Hughes, Branch Manager, RSPCA Salford

Video of our new arrivals:
The mum of this rabbit family was bought at a market in Yorkshire for £2 by a member of the public saving her from being bought for £1 and eaten. The RSPCA inspectorate assisted in taking in all the rabbits and the mother gave birth soon after. Mum was in a poor state and very skittish but now the family are thriving.