RSPCA Northamptonshire

RSPCA Northamptonshire, Support Adoption For Pets

The role of the RSPCA Northamptonshire Branch is to provide help and support for animals and their owners from Northamptonshire. Our work is invaluable to the lives of many animals that have suffered from cruelty or neglect.

"We applied for the £5,000 Health and Wellbeing grant as part of Support Adoption for Pet’s 10th anniversary grants. We were awarded the grant in August 2016, to help with our ever increasing veterinary costs. The process from application through to completion was seamless and there were never any issues.


On behalf of the RSPCA Northamptonshire Branch I would like to say a huge thank you to Support Adoption for Pets for their kind donation of £5,000 towards the cost of our vet bills. Providing the animals in our care with the veterinary treatment they so desperately need is of the upmost importance to us.

The animals that come into our care have been neglected, mistreated, abandoned or subjected to cruelty, often never having been taken to the vets. These animals may not have had the best start in life, but we are determined to provide them with the right treatment to ensure they can be happy and healthy and ready for to find their forever home. With ever increasing vet bills to cover, this donation will go a long way in helping our animals. This in itself could provide almost 80 cats with a vet check, vaccinations, neutering, ensure they are microchipped and flea and worm treated, all of which we do for all cats that come into our care.

This money could also help an animal like General, a six month old cat who came into branch care suffering from a broken femur and dislocated hip after a suspected road traffic accident. Working with local vets, General received all the treatment that he required through his surgery, post-operative care and recovery. His treatment cost the branch £1,000, and with so many more animals like General coming into our care on a daily basis, this grant will go a long way to helping our animals. Once again, on behalf of the animals in our care,  thank you to Support Adoption for Pets for the kind donation – it will go a long way!"


Jaymi-Lee Wilmin, Fundraising Manager, RSCPA Northamptonshire