TAG Pet Rescue

TAG Pet Rescue, Support Adoption For Pets

TAG Pet Rescue's mission is to care for and rehome as many animals as we can. We don’t receive government funding so we rely on donations, income from our shops and the tireless work of volunteers to keep the centre going; it’s a true labour of love!

"We at TAG Pet Rescue in Margate, Kent applied for funding for a new van to transport our animals to the vets and also to pick up supplies and food that we need. It involved a lot of research to make sure that we bought the correct type of van but we had great help and support from the Support Adoption for Pets team. They were extremely patient in answering my seemingly never ending questions! 

We received our grant in October 2014 and purchased a Peugeot van very soon after. It has been an absolutely brilliant acquisition as our old van was so unreliable. It's wonderful for our drivers to be able to get in the van and know it will start."

Lin Bylett, TAG Pet Rescue