Wood Green, The Animals Charity

Wood Green, The Animals Charity, Support Adoption For Pets

Wood Green, The Animals Charity has grown to become one of the leading animal welfare organisations in the UK. They take in animals of all shapes and sizes! As well as cats and dogs, they find loving new homes for thousands of chickens, rabbits and mice

"In May 2015, Wood Green, The Animals Charity applied for a £50,000 celebration grant for a van to rescue dogs from pounds.

We were asked to make a short film to support our application and then invite friends of Wood Green, The Animals Charity to vote for our film through Facebook. Sharing our film online raised awareness of the plight of dogs in pounds and hundreds of people responded to our Facebook post to support our application.

Daniel Cornwell, Support Adoption for Pets Trustee, also came to visit us to find out about our work. The application process was very clear – Support Adoption For Pets provided lots of guidance and we knew what information they needed to make their decision. Emily, Daniel and the team were also very helpful and answered any questions we had.

Although we weren’t one of the charities awarded a £50,000 celebration grant, Support Adoption For Pets generously awarded us a grant of £30,000 in October 2015. We purchased a van and had it fitted with 11 transit cages, air conditioning and hygienic anti-bacterial lining. The van was ready for its first trip in September 2015 and is already helping dogs in need:

“In response to the increasing stray dog crisis in the UK, we wanted to have the ability to play our part in rescuing strays needing that second chance. With the support of a £30,000 grant from Support Adoption For Pets, Wood Green was able to fund a custom-made van to help rescue more of these unwanted dogs who face being put to sleep by local authority pounds,” Linda Cantle, Director of Animal Welfare and Rehoming Services at Wood Green.

In addition to our work with strays, we also use the van to give dogs a welcome break from the kennels by taking them to local parks:

“These outings allow the dogs to express important natural behaviours, sniffing, socialising, and playing games, fulfilling one of the five core welfare needs of animals.” Wendy Kruger, Dog Welfare and Training Specialist at Wood Green.

We cannot thank Support Adoption for Pets enough for your support, which is saving lives."

Claire Danson, Trust Fundraiser, Wood Green, The Animals Charity