Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue Fundraising Drive

Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue Fundraising Drive, Support Adoption For Pets

Set up by a group of like-minded volunteers brought closer by our love of animals, we are a Yorkshire based dog rescue determined to give every dog we can a second chance.

"On behalf of everyone at Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue, can I say a big thank you to everyone involved in the fundraising at Pets at Home, for their generosity and ongoing support.

We have today been into Pets at Home Birstall and received a cheque for £663.75, half of the money raised by that store in the Support Adoption For Pets Fundraising Drive. This is a fantastic amount and will go towards our rather large vet bill which we have recently incurred saving the life of a very neglected dog.


Bones, as we have named him was seen straying in our area for a very long time. This poor dog was emaciated and full of fleas and mange, he was too petrified to come close enough to humans to be caught. The Dog Warden finally trapped Bones because he had become so weak and asked us to take him into our care as he was too ill to go into the stray pound. After Veterinary care and good food,  Bones is now a completely different dog and I am delighted to say that he has been adopted by a wonderful retired couple!


Without this help, none of this would be possible. The support of Pets at Home and Support Adoption For Pets is without doubt a big factor in Yorkshire Rose being able to carry on rescuing dogs that are unloved and neglected.  


A special thanks must go to the lovely people that make up the team at Pets at Home Birstall. Their friendship, support and kindness is so very much appreciated."


Sue, Volunteer